Ponderings of a CS student


Posted on: September 23, 2009

Cell Tango

Cell Tango

‘Celltango’ is at first very visually appealing. However, I agree with many of the other students in that the audience and the participant communities disjointed in some way. That is, while the participants can be anyone over the world, the only ones who can view the exhibit are most likely a small section of the population.

What I found really great was the simplicity of participating. Those who want to participant simply needed to either e-mail or send a picture message. This gets this generation of people doing things they already know how to do and seeing how they can contribute to the community.

Another part of the exhibit I enjoyed was the particular part of the exhibit that used an algorithm to calculate and fill in empty space. What I think would have made it more interesting though is to place images with related tags next to each other, rather than have random images fill in wherever.

I also agree with other students that the exhibit would have been more interesting if instead of getting similarly tagged images from flickr, it used images already in its database to pull up various images from different users. The variety of images sent in by participants are certainly more relevant to the exhibit.

Overall, I felt the exhibit is great step forward towards the types of interactions possible between the typical person and computers. Furthermore, this particular exhibit demonstrates the possibilities for creativity. The new interfaces are certainly geared more towards those with creative minds who might not necessarily have strong computer skills. TUI is certainly an exciting new field to look out for.


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